Wantage Road

DP:  On your blog you mention a campaign to re-instate the railway station at Grove.  How is that going?

EV:  What we’ve campaigned for is to re-open the old Grove station – Wantage Road station it was called – on


And then you carry on going east to Wallingford (above), which has one of the oldest royal charters, dating from 1155, and the site of a huge castle that was dismantled by Cromwell.  It’s an Alfredian burh and still has …

Interview with Ed Vaizey MP

Ed Vaizey has represented Wantage at Westminster since 2005 and in 2010 was appointed Minister for Culture, Communi-cations and Creative Industries.  His portfolio includes the arts, libraries, museums & galleries, the media, the digital economy and telecommunications.

Ed’s previous jobs

Study in town

What study has been done to find the optimum size of a town or city that can satisfy a person’s physical, social and spiritual needs, where that person can feel of value and be of use, connected to all parts …

Luckily for Bruce

Luckily for Bruce many makers of goods wagons kept photographic records of the wagons they had built and sold to private traders.  Once the wagon was delivered and was despatched onto a railway company, the Railway Clearing House had 20,000 …

History on Wheels

Dear reader, you would have to visit a Star Trek convention in California to see as many anoraks as at a model railway exhibition in England, and the one Chris Webb and I attended at Barton Peverill School, Eastleigh was