Sustanon was developed in the 70s of the last century as a drug for increasing muscles during sports. First of all, this drug helps to maintain the level of testosterone in the blood using the four components of testosterone:

  • propionate; 
  • phenylpropionate; 
  • isocapronate; 
  • decanoate. 

This drug is indispensable for athletes who have dedicated their lives to strength sports. But clinical studies have shown that it not only improves the physical condition of athletes, but also helps to get rid of the health problems of ordinary people. You can find more information here

Sustanon 250

 Testosterone plays a very important role in a man’s life. It is responsible for the functioning of the testes, erectile potency, prostate and seminal vesicles. Men who have low levels of sex hormones are advised to buy Sustanon 250. Clinical studies have shown that the drug has a very beneficial effect on them:

  • increases testosterone, dihydrotestosterone , androstenedione and estradiol; 
  • decreases sex hormone binding globulin; 
  • luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones are restored. 

When taking the course of Sustanon men experience normalization of sexual functions, including erection and libido. That to the people of different age groups the drug helps to get rid of excess weight without compromising health. Since it maintains a uniform level of testosterone in the human body, it normalizes metabolism and reduces the concentration of lipoproteins and triglycerides in the blood.

It is also important to note that the drug not only relieves the body of the source of the problem and normalizes its general condition, but also increases bone mineral density and increases muscle mass. This helps to keep the appearance of the skin in excellent condition, since after the excess weight is removed, the skin on the body will not hang in folds.

Studies have shown that when taking Sustanon 250 in insulin-dependent hypogonadal men, insulin sensitivity and blood sugar are reduced.  

 Sustanon reviews

Many who included sustanon in their course talk about its following positive properties:

  • Rapid build-up of muscle mass. Already on the second day after administration, the drug begins to act and actively works for the result. 
  • Immediately after taking, the athlete’s appetite increases sharply, but it is not recommended to eat everything. While taking sustanon, special attention should be paid to proper nutrition, which is rich in proteins and fiber. 
  • Sustanon tends to increase the level of red blood cells in the blood. It is this effect that becomes indispensable during prolonged grueling workouts, for which previously there was simply not enough strength. 
  • Increases sexual libido and desire. The anabolic steroid Sustanon has many benefits that every athlete can appreciate. There are no side effects when taking it. Only in the case when the drug is used thoughtlessly, neglecting the instructions , some problems with the body can arise.    

 Sustanon course

The duration of the course is six to eight weeks. The recommended dose is 250-750 mg . per week (this is one – three 1 ml-liter ampoules. per week). More details here

The Solo

Sustanoncourse , as an active ingredient, has many more advantages than disadvantages. Many athletes liked it, since it contains 4 testosterone esters at once, which have a simply stunning effect on the body. Its popularity is not in vain at its peak. This drug has many positive reviews from athletes.

The Sustanon + Deca

Deca course is an oily solution intended for intravenous injection. It is low androgenic and has high long-term activity. To maintain physical fitness, professional athletes are recommended to take a course of Deca Sustanon .

Together, these elements are better absorbed in the human body, as they are able to neutralize each other’s shortcomings. After completing the full course, the body very quickly normalizes its own testosterone production. It is necessary to take the drug strictly according to the instructions.

The course is completely safe for health. Doesn’t harm the liver. Non-toxic.

Side effects Sustanon

The negative aspect of this drug is that at any moment it can be retrained from testosterone to estrogen, a female hormone that can build up a female body . To prevent this side effect, it is worth paying special attention to additional drugs, the use of which is so necessary for the athlete.

In case of an overdose in men, very often their sex hormone ceases to be produced, and addiction to this form of the drug occurs. Sometimes there were cases when a man’s testicles atrophied. All these side effects appeared when the course of using Sustanon lasted more than 2 months.

If the use of the drug is planned for a long time, then in no case should you pay attention to the solo course. For these purposes, there is an additional intake of drugs that suppress estrogens and can prevent many diseases.

In some cases, the drug can cause acne, baldness, prostate problems. Some athletes have complained of a fever while taking sustanon . Once again, it is worth emphasizing that all side effects occur against the background of an overdose of the drug, this is especially true in the case when the athlete decided to use as much sustanon per day as he considers necessary for the drug. Before you start taking medications, you should seek help from the clinic, conduct all the necessary research and understand whether the drug will really not cause any allergies and complications in your body.