Portrait of pets by photo to order

Faithful friends, always ready to listen and sympathize, giving so much warmth, sincere love. All this, of course, about our four-legged and winged pets. The history of painting gave the world famous painters-animalists, famous for their masterpieces with animals depicted. Some painters preferred to paint portraits exclusively of pets. All owners since ancient times have dreamed of keeping the image of their pets in the memory forever, but only rich and famous people could afford it. Today, regardless of status and money, the owner can immortalize the image of a pet by ordering custom pet portraits. Close people can also make a pleasant surprise.

Portraits of pets to order – priceless presents

For every owner, a pet is the most beautiful of all the representatives of this genus. Portraits of animals to order display such close and native traits, a peculiar disposition, character. This is a great way to express the whole gamut of feelings that each person has for a pet. There are many occasions to please: the birthday of the pet or the owner, a festive or memorable date.

Modern technology and materials allow artists to create beautiful paintings to decorate the interior. Portrait of a dog to order is suitable for decorating a city apartment, country house or office. Sometimes owners get lost among the variety of styles: they do not know which technique to order a portrait of a pet in.

Order a pet portrait

The art studio will offer interesting options for custom pet portraits. Artists master a variety of techniques, so you really have some good options to choose from:

  • An oil portrait will be a welcome gift for all lovers of classics. Your loyal dog, favorite parrot, mischievous cat or turtle is worthy to be captured on canvas. A presentable, realistic custom dog portrait will take its rightful place in the owner’s home.
  • A dry brush portrait is an unusual technique that will produce a three-dimensional image of your favorite four-legged friend. The gift will be appropriate for interiors in the styles of Provence, Loft, minimalism
  • Pop art portraits will be appreciated by connoisseurs of modern art, owners of fashionable salons, representatives of creative professions. An image of a pet in the art style will add playfulness, liveliness, and an individual touch to the room. Such a portrait will be a bright accent and liven up a traditional and boring interior.