What are the DevOps tasks?

Development, quality assurance and IT operations teams working together in one seamless working process leads to the business rapid growth due to the constant improvement of software and its fast release. The methodology that consists of methods, practices and experiences that unite teams and promote their collaboration is called DevOps. DevOps merge two words “development” and “operation” and this means that DevOps engineers share responsibilities and tasks of development and IT operations teams. What are the main tasks DevOps leaders and engineers accomplish for the DevOps model to work and for IT businesses to thrive? Let’s discuss them here.

What is DevOps?

In plain English, DevOps – is a collection of experiences and practices that unites two different words of development and IT operations departments, which initially functioned separately. Therefore, IT teams, when working together, produce a high-quality software product, that fully satisfies any customer’s needs. When implemented, DevOps helps develop systems thinking in teams that can unite them in one seamless workflow. DevOps tools automate all the processes that help boost output and deliver first-rate software more frequently. Moreover, DevOps helps with the process of prioritizing tasks so that IT teams have time to deal with unplanned tasks while working on planned ones.

DevOps tasks 

DevOps engineers are the IT specialists ready to maintain IT infrastructure, write codes, test and even release them. How overwhelming is that? So, DevOps main tasks are:

  • DevOps strategy working out. This includes the recommendation of a migration strategy for DevOps tools, construct and carry out appropriate management procedure, layout safe development process and carry out a tool integration procedure;
  • DevOps development processes establishing and executing. This means leaders work out a version control program, establish and layout source control, implement and operate build infrastructure, and carry out code stream;
  • Continuous integration effectuating. Establish a container build strategy and a build strategy itself;
  • Continuous delivery effectuating. Establish release strategy and release strategy roadmap;
  • Application infrastructure actualizing which means infrastructure as a code implementation;
  • Continuous feedback planning and execution. It’s better to design the feedback process the way the feedback could route to the teams, including the development team fast, for them to start correcting and improving ASAP.

DevOps skills 

Here are some fundamental skills every DevOps engineer should have:

  • Comprehension of basic standards of DevOps and DevOps tools. Knowledge of configuration management, source control, integration, teasing, monitoring, containers, clouds, automation tools so on.
  • Knowledge of scripting. A DevOps engineer might not be a coding master, but handling basic scripting languages such as Python, PHP, Java, Ruby and others is very preferable. 
  • Understanding of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment pipelines and tools. 
  • Security skills. Professional DevOps specialists should be able to apply security into the DevOps cycle from the very beginning.
  • Soft skills. Without well-developed communication skills, proactivity, collaboration skills, emotional stability and customer-oriented attitude, an idea of a high-performing DevOps team will never work. 

Final thoughts

Therefore, taking that DevOps engineers share responsibilities and tasks of development, quality assurance and IT operations teams, for the company that is thinking of implementing DevOps methodology it might seem a very overwhelming process. In most cases, these companies address DevOps leaders – the companies that already successfully practice DevOps and can provide DevOps services. Migrating to DevOps is a fascinating but time and energy-consuming journey. And while you are still at the beginning of this journey, we recommend you to turn to mature DevOps bosses for them to walk you down this route.