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If you are wondering how to fight against discrimination in the workplace, you can learn about the laws relating to this issue with Workplace Wizards. This is a great resource to help you avoid being a victim of discrimination. Employers can take any number of actions that may be discriminatory, such as denying their employees certain benefits. Some examples of discrimination include: denying disability leave or maternity leave, denying employees a retirement option, or terminating their employment because of their personal characteristics. Other examples of discrimination in the workplace include: making inappropriate remarks to employees, taking away shifts that a person would want to work, and exhibiting favoritism during the promotion process. Even if the promotion was made on professional merit, discrimination in the workplace can be a problem.

Workplace Wizards

It’s easy to forget that a workplace can have a number of different forms of discrimination. From questions about genetic information to religious beliefs, there are several different ways to discriminate against a person at work. Fortunately, there are several resources available that can help prevent such workplace discrimination. Read on for some ways you can protect yourself and your company from such workplace abuse. Then, make sure you check out the Workplace Wizards!


A recent letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times alleges that a major gaming company retaliates against people of color and black applicants. The company has a culture whereby it passes over people of color and holds them to a lower standard than white coworkers, despite hiring black artists to supplement the ranks of white artists. Moreover, the company only employs one to four black artists, while its white coworkers average about six and a half times more experience than black workers.


If you’re a victim of workplace discrimination, you have many options. You may be discriminated against because of your religious beliefs or because of your physical or mental disability. You may also be targeted by an employer for questions about your genetic information. In such situations, the Workplace Wizards are a great tool to protect yourself. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common forms of workplace discrimination.

Facebook’s practices

A recent lawsuit against Facebook reveals that the company’s policies and hiring practices may be in violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) code of conduct. According to the lawsuit, Facebook’s policy encourages “cultural fit” in hiring, relies on peer review to evaluate its employees, and requires employees to file their discrimination claims in arbitration. The lawsuit also claims that Facebook’s policies and hiring practices discriminate against employees of color.

EEOC protections

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces federal anti-discrimination laws. These laws protect people from discrimination in the workplace and prevent employers from using certain employment practices that are considered discriminatory. This includes age, national origin, disability, and gender. Additionally, employees who file complaints under the EEOC are protected from retaliation. This article will briefly discuss some of the protections under EEOC law.

Documentation of discrimination in the workplace

In the United States, documentation of discrimination in the workplace lawyers is a legal requirement in many cases. Discrimination can be direct or indirect, and a person suffering from it should keep detailed records of any incidents they encounter. For example, an employer can choose to take adverse action against someone because of their race or other protected characteristics. Another example is if a supervisor or manager makes derogatory remarks about someone in a protected class. These actions may be considered discrimination, and are also grounds for filing a complaint with the EEOC.

Workplace Lawyers

Workplace Wizards are experts in workplace relations, providing advice on human resources issues, industrial relations disputes, enterprise bargaining agreements, and underperforming staff. In addition to assisting with disciplinary actions, they also help employers assess compliance with labor laws. The team of Workplace Wizards provides legal representation at the earliest possible time. In addition to addressing workplace issues, Workplace Wizards also protect workers from wrongful dismissal and retaliation.

Workplace Wizards provides expert advice on all workplace relations matters

The experts at Workplace Wizards provide comprehensive and practical assistance in all aspects of workplace relations, from human resources to enterprise bargaining agreements. The services are designed to assist employers with issues ranging from industrial relations disputes to under-performing staff. Our expert advice is backed by a wealth of knowledge from the world of business. Workplace Wizards is committed to providing clients with the best possible solutions to their workplace problems.

They help employers assess compliance with labor law requirements

Following labor laws is crucial for a business to stay in compliance with the law. While large corporations may hire HR professionals and legal counsel to keep up with the latest regulations, smaller businesses are often too busy to keep up. Lack of resources is no excuse, as labor and employment regulations are among the most easily violated laws in the country. However, there are many ways to stay on top of these laws, and a legal consultant can be a valuable resource for small business owners.

First of all, employers must make sure their employees are paid the required minimum wage. This is mandatory in the United States. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employers pay employees at least 1.5 times their hourly rate for every hour they work. Employers that don’t pay their workers correctly may be subject to lawsuits from the employees they wrongfully fired. The consequences of this may be devastating, especially if the employer has a large number of employees.

They protect workers against wrongful termination

If you’re looking for a reputable law firm that will defend you in court, you’ve probably come to the right place. Wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires a worker against his or her will. Although some workers may have written contracts with their employers, many more are employed under implied contracts, created by the actions of the employer and a detailed employee handbook. These violations can result in lost wages, missed opportunities for advancement, and undue stress.

There are many different types of wrongful termination. The law governing wrongful termination is specific to each state. California is one such state. While California has a general “no-fault” policy, the state of Washington requires employees to notify the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of their wrongful termination. In either state, you must notify the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the wrongful termination before filing a lawsuit. You must keep thorough records of the incident and report it as soon as you become aware of it.