Study in town

What study has been done to find the optimum size of a town or city that can satisfy a person’s physical, social and spiritual needs, where that person can feel of value and be of use, connected to all parts of his or her surroundings?  Great conglomerations of people seem to have a propensity of eating values and decaying morals, the denizens being blind to the stars at night and having no communion with Mother Earth.

Wasn’t it Hercules, fighting for his life against some giant, who realised that the giant got his strength not from his size but from being in touch with the Earth?  Hercules defeated the giant by breaking that connection when he lifted him off the ground.  These giant cities around the globe have lost touch and now commune no longer with the Earth but operate from a point of survival to the smell of packed bodies.  A warning from the ancient Greeks of three thousand years ago sent down through the ages only to fall upon deaf ears.

And the politicians rightly or wrongly so meanly treated at times over the past few decades, seem basically to be stuck.  The plight of democracy is causing turgidity in an electorate too slothful to move from the sofa on Election Day or any day.  The people know that each Prime Minister is focused on winning the next election and the MPs, like it or not, are forced to work on the immediate problems placed in front of them, after all the future does not vote.  What the Chair is arguing is that any government of the day is trapped by “the system” and is not able, because of political expediency, to offer the nation a vision.  We need this vision, amongst other things, on population and frankly we needed it yesterday.

Livingston, Montana, USA – May 25, 2013 : Historic centre of Livingston near Yellowstone National Park.

Where a man’s treasure is there will be his heart also.  Divorce the English from the treasure of nature and there will be found a heart seeking some other home.  Perfection is in the inherent nature of mankind, after all creation is perfect, people strive for this, each in their own way and as best they can.  If the English are denied to see God’s perfection which they find glorified in nature, then what is the standard for them as a culture to go by?  Should the nation continue on the same path and consider an ever-growing population to be no problem in itself, well the country as a whole may easily pull through, but alas for the English, they are dicing with cultural extinction.